Can’t list everything I hate though. Some things we are not allowed to hate, even things that go against every fiber of our being. There is a mandatory conformity required and if you do not abide by it you are hated.

I feel as though I have a right to my dislikes. My beliefs. I do not have a right to violate anyone or impose on another or hurt another with my beliefs. I do not feel I have a right to spread my beliefs to hurt another. I acknowledge that my beliefs can be wrong, but some are opinions and some are just stupid. For example, I hate cilantro. When I mention this it causes the lovers of it to gasp and the haters to agree that the crap tastes like soap.

Some issues are frustrating though. Being a white American family with two sons sometimes it feels like a crime. It is a symbol of everything that has gone wrong in history and schools and society are going to make them pay that price. And the problem is getting worse.

One of my beliefs is that it is wonderful that diversity is being promoted and accepted in Schools. Hopefully it will ease the bully problem and improve society as a whole. What is missing? Tolerance for all. While the LGBT, Black, Hispanic, Muslim,  and a variety of other minorities have a special week celebrating them at school other people/kids are left out. Yes, I mean White kids. There are so many minorities now that to find a majority is getting, I believe unrealistic.

Maybe because the Whites had too many good years it is now time to turn things around. I hate that. It means society isn’t improving, it means it is shifting its bigotry.

I also hate bell peppers. When I eat food cooked with them it is all I can taste, it is overpowering. I don’t care if other people love them– live and let live. But please note that some of us find their slimey cooked festering taste unpleasant and would not like them in every dish. And when I say this, don’t ask me  why because I will tell you it is like eating a putrid slug and you might get offended or grossed out. Also, I am not at all interested in how much you love them… I get to hate them.

I find many religious beliefs dangerous or illogical. Dare I mention them here? If some people can be offended by disagreeing with food, having a radical dislike for some religious beliefs can cause quite the stir. I can’t mention them can I? As my grand father said: “religion causes wars” … he was so right.

It should be ok though.

Stopping my rant is tough. I want to talk about the crazy Transgender bathroom debate. To date I do not know of anyone (except on the news) opposed to sharing a bathroom with a Transgender person. I do not want a heterosexual male in the bathroom with me or young girls. Simple. Let all Transgender women who are recognizable in either restroom, but make sure there are rules against heterosexual males.

I hate that the news has not brought this fact to light. It is how the majority feels. Seriously, women’s restrooms have stalls what is going to be seen anyway? It is moot. I hate the way the News manipulates and makes the majority of non-LGBT look prejudice.


Before I end this rant I want to add that mushrooms suck.


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