I thought I could keep my blog away from my family, especially my sisters. I get embarrassed when people I know my read stuff. I don’t like them knowing my thoughts, life, experiences on a deeper level. I have started this blog for few reasons. My therapist kept nagging me about journaling. I figured that if I am going to spend the time doing it I might as well go big and interact with the blogging community– and try to get some revenue from advertising. I wondered what it would be like to have someone besides myself know my thoughts and experiences. Just, not family.

To be honest, I like writing. Even if it self-centered and serves no purpose. I could change my emphasis away from my personal experiences and journey with addiction and focus on another topic so it is less embarrassing (maybe retail) but that  would less be interesting for me.

Hmmm I have a decision to make. Today I thought, I might as well write a little bit about my wonder sisters.

There are four of them.

My eldest sister is a nun, Sr. Rose. she is about 12 years older than myself. Then there is Libby, she is about 5 years older and Sarah who is just over a year older. I have a twin, Eva and we are the youngest of the bunch.

I would say that for the most part we all get along. There is some discord with me and my twin and of course, in my mind it is all her fault. But we don’t talk enough to even know each other. When we do try and talk it always ends up the same. She is horrified by something I say and she is done with me. Then she runs around to my other sisters and reports the violation behind my back. I love her, but she is a dork.

funny-crazy-quotesMy sister Sarah is amazing. She was trouble and excitement most of her childhood. I remember her one way and she recalls herself another so it’s hard to say who is right. I do know coming home with chunks of your hair missing or having a hoard of kids chasing you home so they can beat you up… well, was not signs of a calm childhood. Sarah also taught me how to survive on the streets. She seems to not recall this but she did. I got my courage from Sarah.

Libby. I feel closest to Libby. We haven’t seen each other as much as we used to so I worry about the bond we once had. But I would say that for most of my adult life Libby was my best friend. We were reading the same type of books, had the same interest, same values (mostly), could talk for a very long period of time. We were always comfortable with each other. At least I with her. We wanted to go to the same places and were both low-key. Never takes a lot to make us happy. Also I might shock Libby, but she judges me lightly. She is a great sister.

Sr. Rose. Wow, I am angry with her right now so all her amazing qualities will be hard to mention. Sr. Rose is bossy and judgemental. She, Libby and I used to get along great and then something broke. It’s a real loss. What has replaced our close relationship is this overpowering — in your business attitude. She feels, since she knows about my relapse and my  having been in rehab (which she was a negative part of) that now in her superiority she can involve herself in my personal life. So, right now we are at a bad spot. If I were writing this before my relapse I would be saying she is a kind hearted, hard working, sincere person. She is generous and happy and very fun to be around. Right now… she pisses me off.

Because I don’t want to write endlessly and there is so much to say I will  have to have an individual blog for each of my sisters. A lifetime cannot be squished into a few sentences.

When you put us all together as a group, sitting around a table drinking coffee and talking about a 100 subjects of nothing, well then things are good.  My sisters are very witty and quick. It is a seriously great time… you just don’t know what someone is going to say next and it is most likely going to be hilarious, outrageous and inappropriate. Good times



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